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My YogaWorks Week

This past weekend concluded my 7 Days of YogaWorks adventure, and I'm so sad to see it go!  It came to me with the most perfect timing imaginable - Karma Kids was closed to classes for the week and open for a teacher training, so my hours completely changed and, for the most part, opened up to allow me to take a class once a week.  YogaWorks, luckily for me, has several locations in the city and I explored 3 of them - Westside (near Central Park), Eastside (76th & 3rd), and Union Square(ish).  I mostly went to Union Square, since it was closest to Karma Kids - and the farmer's market! - but all the studios were gorgeous.

It was a different kind of yoga class than I'm used to, and that's always so refreshing.  YogaWorks has an Iyengar/Ashtanga base, as opposed to my usual exposure to Vinyasa.  Vinyasa means linking breath to movement, and it's an interesting style because there's so much freedom for the instructor to play.  One Vinyasa class could be complet…

One year Blog-a-versary!

A year ago today, I was inspired to start this little ol' blog.  It's a little bizarre how hard it is for me to remember and imagine exactly what my life was like a year ago.  I was still working in my office job, just barely eeking my way into the world of being a yoga teacher, though quite desperate to get there.  Marc and I were essentially living together - in the sense that I spend 95% of my time at his apartment while still technically living a few blocks east - but hungry to actually take that next step together.

We're now happily living in Ditmars, and I'm no longer at that office job!

Since that first entry, I've become certified in:

Thai Yoga Massage (and will be able to perform Prenatal Thai Yoga massage as of this Sunday - finally!)
Kids Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

It feels like that list should be longer, because the amount I've learned in this year is INSANE.  When I started this blog, I definitely didn't imagine I'd be earning my livelihood teachi…

Come Play Yoga!

I'm wildly distracted today as I sit down to write my weekly blog.  One of my bosses at Karma Kids Yoga just had her first baby yesterday!  It'll probably be several weeks before I get to see her again and meet her beautiful baby girl, but I'm still so antsy with excitement!

I've been wanting to write a blog about what I do at Karma Kids, and so today seems to be the perfect day to do that!

Even though I've been working at Karma Kids for 6 months now, I haven't written about it or children's yoga in general very much on my blog.  I've wanted to, but I just haven't known what to day.  A million and one adorable things happen every single day there, but I don't think I'll be writing a blog about the yoga adventures I take with the kids (even though yesterday we went on a dragon hunt in the forest, which was AWESOME!).  It doesn't always make sense outside of the magical studio!

I've mostly been working with the toddlers, and when I wor…

Book Report: The Conscious Kitchen

Our everyday food choices have the capacity to change the world.
As the seasons (slowly) change, I always have a few little spring rituals I enjoy.  One is that it becomes Joni Mitchell season in my iPod and my Pandora.  The ways some people are seasonal eaters, I am a seasonal music fan.  Late summer is Indigo Girls, fall is Tegan and Sara...though anytime is Bob Dylan time.  Another, one that I'm sure I share with most, is spring cleaning.

The Conscious Kitchen fits in beautifully with exactly the kind of spring cleaning I'd like to do.  My literal spring cleaning of my apartment was pretty much accomplished over the winter (meaning we finished projects we'd originally laid out on the to-do list back when we moved in - in August!), and I'm in the market for a different kind of spring cleaning.

Readers of my blog might recall that last we spoke, I was going on a trial gluten-free diet.  The trial ended with our trip to California (there was no way I was going to make M…

A drive by entry

Hello and HAPPY APRIL!  I feel like shouting from the rooftops with joy that March madness is over and April can start warming us up.  (Although it does seem to be taking its time so far...)

As you may have noticed, I broke my streak of one-blog-a-week last week, which really bums me out.  Marc and I went on vacation to California last week to visit his grandparents, old family friends, and old college friends and had an AMAZING time.  My blogging day was meant to be Monday, but it turned out to be frantic last minute running to the post office and packing and then rushing to JFK.  Alas.

But all you can do when you feel like you've broken a streak or fallen off a wagon is to get right back on and not waste any time dwelling or regretting, so I'm back in the nick of time to make sure I only missed one week and not two!

However - this is a quickie (or drive-by.  I couldn't decide between the two).

I have a bigger entry planned for this coming week - a combined gluten update …