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Finally back!

Hello, dear blog!

It's been two weeks and one day since our plane touched down in JFK from London, but it's taken until this week for me to truly feel like I'm back in the groove.  Between diving back in to a crazy week/weekend of work immediately after coming back, jet lag be damned, and then being smacked down by a nasty stomach bug last week, it's been very hard to get my momentum back.

Vacation was amazing in so many, many ways.  London and the friends and family in it were completely lovely, and Paris exceeded the wild expectations Marc and I had for it in every possible way.  The most significant thing to happen...we got engaged!  On le Pont d'Alexandre overlooking the Seine, Marc proposed and I said yes about a million times.

I feel as though I could write enough for a million blogs about how wonderful it was to have the iPhone on Airplane Mode for two weeks, the amazing isolation in Paris where it was just Marc and I and no one else, the amazing French yoga…