Thursday, September 26, 2013


If only I had the shot of me doing a yoga pose on top of a mountain in Italy's Cinque Terre, I could post that and call it a day with the blog!  Alas, we need a special connector cord before we can download Marc's 1,000 pictures from the honeymoon so I'll have to think of something to say instead.

It's been a week since Marc and I got back from an absolutely spectacular honeymoon, and it feels like a lot longer.  It's been disorienting shaking the jet lag (which I believe we finally have) and not just going back to work, but going back to work at the kick-off of one of the busiest times of the year for Karma Kids Yoga - back to school!  Add in to the mix my new job of assistant manager bringing with it way more responsibilities than were on my plate this time last year, plus the start of marathon training (completed my first week's worth of training runs today with a slow 5 miler!) and things are more than a little nuts.

Going from the warm, sunny, stunning French Riviera where each day there was a minimum requirement of one bottle of wine and one baguette each and seafood coming out of our ears to cool, crisp autumn days, stunningly beautiful yellow leaves, and the packed, hustling melting pot that is New York has felt like walking through a wormhole.  And lest we forget, one of our all time favorite shows is ending on Sunday and has been consuming us since we caught up on the episodes we had missed over the honeymoon (if any blog readers are fans, CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT JESSE??)

Needless to say, I'm not here to offer pearls of wisdom, anatomical insights, or philosophical lessons.  I've just been working on balancing keeping the absolute perfect relaxation of the honeymoon in my heart in the midst of New York craziness, while also gratefully jumping back into yoga, running, and green juice to help my body feel back to normal after the metric ton of perfect butter and olive oil I consumed over two weeks.

I get the sense that this blog may take on, once again, the feeling of a running blog moreso than a yoga blog over the next 16 weeks of training, but my running and my yoga are always so very intertwined.  I'm excited to see what comes up in my world and what inspires me to write and share with all of you!

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