Saturday, April 2, 2011

A drive by entry

Hello and HAPPY APRIL!  I feel like shouting from the rooftops with joy that March madness is over and April can start warming us up.  (Although it does seem to be taking its time so far...)

As you may have noticed, I broke my streak of one-blog-a-week last week, which really bums me out.  Marc and I went on vacation to California last week to visit his grandparents, old family friends, and old college friends and had an AMAZING time.  My blogging day was meant to be Monday, but it turned out to be frantic last minute running to the post office and packing and then rushing to JFK.  Alas.

But all you can do when you feel like you've broken a streak or fallen off a wagon is to get right back on and not waste any time dwelling or regretting, so I'm back in the nick of time to make sure I only missed one week and not two!

However - this is a quickie (or drive-by.  I couldn't decide between the two).

I have a bigger entry planned for this coming week - a combined gluten update and book report on an amazing book I'm reading right now which I highly recommend: The Conscious Kitchen by Alexandra Zissu.

Today, though, I'd like to redirect you to another blog.  My beautiful, inspiring, wonderful, and joyfully silly friend Laura Frye has just published her first entry on One Girl, One Earth

Laura is the reason I'm a Karma Kids Yoga teacher and desk assistant, and for that I will always be in her debt.  Aside from teaching children and acting, one of Laura's greatest passions is the environment.  She's starting a blog to share her attempts at "living green" one paycheck at a time.

I hope you check her out and make her feel welcome to the blogverse!

Happy Saturday night!

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