Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Take My Classes!

Happy Thanksgiving, blogverse!  I had an amazing time with my family.  Just Mom, Megan, and our guys.  It's our first time having such a close-knit, immediate family only Thanksgiving and it was the best one I've ever had.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, though, something incredibly exciting launched at Karma Kids Yoga.  So often my pregnant friends are old friends from high school or college who live in Virginia or Texas and say they wish they could take the classes I always promote on facebook.  Now anyone can take not just my classes but the classes of some of my stunningly talented fellow Karma Kids Pre and Postnatal teachers!

StudioLiveTV has been working with us the past few months to film select yoga and Pilates classes and have launched a diverse library of classes available for purchase.  Even if you're 6 weeks along, if you're 40 weeks and counting, if you're not pregnant, even if you had your baby 20 years ago - and heck, even if you're a guy - these classes will strengthen your core and leave you feeling strong, relaxed, and empowered.

Classes are available for individual purchase for $6.00 a class, ten classes for $40.00, or for three months of unlimited access for only $20.00!  That's the price of a single drop-in class at the studio!

If you live far away or even if you're already a student and are dealing with a busy schedule, holiday madness, or crazy winter weather, this is an ideal way to get in your yoga on your schedule.  Check us out today!


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