Monday, October 30, 2017

Music Share - Fall + Love

I've resisted the onset of fall really hard this year because, as always, summer went by way too fast with far too little beach time.  Now, however, I am all in.  The wind, the leaves, the football - I'm eating it all up.

This is the season when I moved to New York eight years ago, and it's the season I fell in love with Marc eight years ago.  I'm a strangely seasonal person when it comes to music - Joni Mitchell in the spring, Janis Joplin in the summer, Mumford & Sons as summer hangs on tight before fall.

Today I'm sharing a playlist based on new and old fall favorites, some with a special significance of being songs listened to on repeat by either me or Marc (or both) as we fell in love eight years ago.  Wild is the Wind and Picture in a Frame for him; Make You Feel My Love and Can't Help Falling in Love for me (although full disclosure, I most often listened to the Elvis version.  Ingrid is just too pretty not to win the playlist war).  And we spent many a goofy night dancing to You and I in his old Steinway apartment.

One of my all-time favorite songs to listen to in the fall is Mystery by The Indigo Girls.  Some of the most gorgeous lyrics and harmonies ever, as only they can do.

Plus, new-to-me-music!  Thanks to one of the most heartfelt, emotional, beautiful, and flat-out fun weddings we've ever been to - our fantastic Philly friends who got hitched two weeks ago - I'm now unable to stop listening to Tom Petty's Wildflowers.  (Yes, I'm terrible and didn't know it before.  RIP, sir)  

Check it out and enjoy.  Pairs well with a home yoga practice, windy walks through the city or the country, and mugs of the hot drink of your choice.

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