Thursday, November 11, 2010

Adventures in the Fancy New York Yoga Blogger World!

It's been kind of a weird week.  For the last two weeks I'd gotten into the rhythm of going to Karma Kids almost every day as I was covering for my lovely friend Laura and helping out with other various events.  Now that she's fully back in action, I've had some space in my life this week to bounce back to the grown-up end of the yoga spectrum a bit.

As I mentioned at the end of my last entry, I was quit honored to be invited to an event called Wake Up with ATHLETA.  Bright and early on Tuesday morning, I went to Yoga Sutra studio on 39th (which is a gorgeous space, by the way) and was greeted by several insanely nice and lovely Athleta folk.  The other bloggers and I had our pick of several Athleta clothes to wear for the class, taught by one of their models, the lovely Drisana Carey.

Now I have to admit...I had never worn Athleta clothes before Tuesday.  For all my love of beautiful yoga-wear, the reality is I have been in massive penny pinching mode for awhile and can no more afford brand name yoga wear right now than I could...well, anything else that isn't food and rent.  I have some lululemon clothes I cherish that I have by the grace of a gift card, and some Be Present pants I treated myself to last year.  The benefit to "designer" yoga clothes - they can last you a REALLY long time!

So I was very shamelessly and girlishly excited to play fashion show, and I have to say...oh my WORD, their clothes are so unbelievably comfortable.  Some yoga clothes can make you feel like you're vacuum sealed in (which makes breathing a bit of a challenge), but these fall on the body so softly it feels like you've got nothing on.  I chose for myself the Udaya tank in Vintage Violet and, my new favorite article of clothing of all time ever, the Harem Pants in black.  The material is so smooth and's almost like cotton and silk had a baby and sacrificed it for the supreme joy and bliss of wearing Harem Pants.

(By the way, when I told Marc what they were called, he said, "How are you not offended by that name as a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner?"  I told him anything this comfortable could never offend me. )

We all eventually got ourselves dressed and into the practice room, and Drisana led us in a lovely hour-long practice that helped all of our yawn-y selves wake up and join the living. 

Chatting pre-class with Drisana (center) and a fellow blogger (left).

  Row o' down dogs.

 I am absurdly serious here.

 Is there anything in the world better than a yummy twist?

Afterward, they provided a delicious breakfast for us and a chance to chat and get to know each other.


I couldn't stay long, as I did have to get on to Karma Kids, but I am so thankful to have been invited.

Speaking of Karma Kids...I'm off for some Downward Doll Yoga!  I'm pretty sure it'll be the cutest thing in the universe.

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