Monday, November 8, 2010

The Yoga Fountain of Youth

This is the most amazing article...if you find you need motivation and inspiration on a Monday morning, look no further:  "The yoga supergran who can still assume the lotus age 83."

Last week was a great yoga-week.  I subbed my first class at the Matrix, my neighborhood gym, and it went really well.  I was at Karma Kids a lot, still covering for my beautiful friend and fellow KKY teacher Laura who got married on October 30th.  I taught my first Storytime Yoga, which is crazy and fun.

I also, on the subject of yoga keeping you young, was insanely blessed to finally have my one-on-one session with my beloved Thai Yoga Massage teacher, Jyothi.  I don't know exactly how young she is, and I'm sure she looks younger than her age, but let me tell you, that woman is FLEXIBLE!  She puts her age group to shame, I'm sure.  I gave her a 90-minute massage and she critiqued me along the way, and I'm very happy and humble to say that I passed my evaluation with a perfect score.  The best part of the one-on-one session?  I then got to receive a massage at Jyothi's expert and magical hands.  It was like glimpsing heaven!

The next level of my training is in 9 more days, and I can't wait.  How appropriate that it's the week before Thanksgiving - what better time to be surrounded by love and light and metta?

That's all for this morning - time to get going on my own work!  I'll write again Wednesday though to report all about an event sponsored by Athleta I've been invited to on Tuesday morning for New York bloggers.  I was shocked and pleased out of my mind to get the invitation and I can't wait to share the experience!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here's to a beautiful week!

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