Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coming in like a lion

March isn't even here yet, and I am more than feeling swept up in wedding madness.  By wedding madness, I don't just mean thinking of the details and planning, but in all of the unbelievably intense emotions it's bringing out in me, in Marc, and in our families.  There have been dizzying highs and absolutely emotionally crushing lows that have really been coming up particularly since the start of 2013.  Ah, family.

In making all of the time for the to-do's, the weekend trips to Boston, my amazing shower weekend where I got to spend time with my wonderful mom & sister, and also picking up extra work when I can to make up for the big ol' chunk of time off I'm going to be taking next month, my yoga practice has been really squeezed out.  I've been keeping time for running and for Refine classes (that dress is a bit tight, after all!), but somehow yoga has been getting the short end of the stick.  What gives?

I think part of it, even aside from the old "no time" excuse (whether it's legitimate or not) is that it's a little scary to sit still and go inside these days.  It can be scary to stop my productive momentum when I'm on a roll, and it can be scary to stop and sit when I'm going through major emotional stress.  I don't necessarily want to be still and present when my heart is hurting, and I bet you don't either!

Yes, keeping extra busy - whether it's throwing myself into my classes or into cleaning my apartment - is a great way to lift your spirits when you're feeling down or release any stress (whether it's from feeling way too high and excited, or feeling overwhelmed).  However, it's just as important to slow it down.  I keep hearing my teacher Joe Somodi's mantra in my head - Steady in the midst of change.  That's just what I need these days!

Amidst everything else, making space for my yoga practice is definitely going to be a high priority on my list to carry me through the next 29 days.  I plan to have it carry me through forever, of course...but sometimes it comes a little less naturally and it's good to set a mindful intention to make it happen.

As I often do, I found a nice article on from their holiday issue that also has some great advice for when life feels a little busy or overwhelming.  Check it out, and have a wonderful last week of February!

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