Monday, December 18, 2017

A Parting (sort of) Gift - Meditation and More from Karma Kids Yoga!

Happy December!  We are officially more than halfway through the craziest and most joy-filled month of the year, and I am officially two days away from reuniting with my sister and her crazy and joy-filled family.

To share in the spirit of giving this holiday season, my last post of 2017 is a gift to you!  Karma Kids Yoga's YouTube channel is packed with such a wide variety of yoga goodness - it really has something for everyone.  Yoga love for shoulders & upper back, which every grown-up can use, a great arm workout, family yoga, a surprise visit from Frozen's own Anna and Elsa, and tons more!

Specifically, I want to share with you a meditation I contributed to KKY's page.  It's directed toward mama's to be, so please share with any you may know, but the basic principles of it can be relaxing, grounding, and useful for anyone who needs to just sit and get quiet during this busy time of year.

Subscribe to our channel, check out all the fun, and enjoy this meditation!  May 2018 be less crazy and more joyful than 2017.  See you then.

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