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Miscellaneous Update Time!

With very little time to write an actual blog entry tonight, I still wanted to share a few fun things...

First thing's first - my website, Yogini Annie, is officially launched out into the universe of Everyone I've Ever Met today!  Designed by Billy Griffin and featuring photographs by Paul LeVasseur, Gloria Rabinowitz, and Klee Walsh, I'm very proud to share this site.

Yoga in the Park
I had the wonderful opportunity this past Sunday to teach a free yoga class with an awesome initiative, Yoga in the Park.  YIP was developed by Grisel Olivo, a fantastic yogini and all around beautiful person.  We completed Sonic's 200-hour teacher training together and I'm so happy to continue practicing with her.

The day was probably the warmest of the year so far, but we found a shady spot and had ourselves a great practice!  I'll be teaching there again next Sunday, May 16, and I can't wait to venture out of Astoria to meet new "uptown" yogis and yoginis..

Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage
Tomorrow is the Big Day...or perhaps the beginning of Five Big Days!  I start Level I Intensive Training for Thai Yoga Massage with the delightful Jyothi Watanabe (check out her bio on the Kripalu center's website).  I've been looking forward to this for so long and I can't wait to get started!  Training takes place at the beautiful Integral Yoga Institute tomorrow through Sunday.  You can learn more about this amazing practice on my website.

Wrap Your Feet Around It

Speaking (kind of) of Thai Yoga Massage, there are four college kids (well, most are soon to be college graduates) on a truly amazing journey right now.  Wrap Your Feet Around It is a journey undertaken on foot by Jeff Gallo and Jake Mills with invaluable vehicular, organizational, moral, and blister-popping support by Kristen Merek and Sammi Geer from Christopher Newport University (also my alma mater) in Newport News, VA to New York City's Times Square.

It's a 16 day journey for the foursome, and upon their arrival in New York I offered to treat them all to a free Thai Yoga Massage courtesy of me.  I can't imagine what 16 straight days of walking and driving will do to them but I hope to just provide them some comfort and support!  They're really inspiring and generous.  Their cause?  Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, a favorite charity of CNU Theatre kids.  Please donate now to support an awesome endeavor and a very worthy cause!

And with that, I wish everyone a Happy Tuesday!


  1. Wonderful website and beautiful pictures. Much success with this new adventure.

  2. I want to do Yoga in the Park with you!!!! Not fair!!!!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you...and don't worry, Meg, we will!!! Next time I'm down or you're up.


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It's been eight years today since I've been with the love of my life.

A few months from five years married (Costa Rica, here we come).

Eight years and a couple months since living in the city.

Seven years of Friendsgivings in NYC with my chosen family.

Seven years of Karma Kids Yoga - more chosen family and buckets of kids.

Ten years since college; fourteen of the friendships.

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