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Inspiration Quickie

Hello blogverse!  Not sure if it's the onset of the dog days, my schedule being crazy busy and up in the air as it transitions from "spring semester" to summer camps, or my impending teacher training and then trip to Florida to find my wedding dress, but I am 1,000% without a clue as to what to blog about this week.  I've searched, I've tried, I've racked my brain and I'm coming up empty.

The best thing to do when that happens, I've found, is to seek out other people who ARE feeling a little inspired and hear what they have to say.  I now give you, from MindBodyGreen, a fabulous list of 8 Yogic Quotes and the compiler's thoughts on them.  Enjoy, and I'm sure next week I'll be bursting with inspiration and tales from the Karma Kids Yoga Teen Teacher Training this weekend (for which you can still sign up last minute!)  I'm so excited to get started with it tonight!

Stay cool, y'all...

8 Amazing Yogic Quotations and Reflections

Mind Over Madness

Yoga is a scientific system that makes you the master of your senses
Instead of being a slave to them.
Yoga is not just standing on your head, as many people think, 
but learning how to stand on your own two feet.
Yoga is not a religion. Yet it embraces all religions.
Yoga can teach the young the wisdom of age
and teach the old the secret of youth.
Yoga will introduce you to someone you might not know.
Your Self.

-Swami Satchidananda-
The lovely passage above was read by Laughing Lotus co-founder Dana Flynn during the evening class (the which culminated at sunset!) at Athleta's Mind Over Madness Summer Solstice in Times Square yesterday.  I attended the FOURTH class of the day - I can't begin to imagine how hard all the organizers worked yesterday herding thousands upon thousands of yogis in the busiest place in New York City.  Not to mention the intense, intense heat the first day of summer brought us yesterday.  It was a great event and a wonderful way to bring us into summer!

Book Report: The Joy of Living

Yesterday I finished reading The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche for the second time.  It's a great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone - particularly if you're interested in science, Buddhism, how your brain works, and how you can be happier.  (I'm pretty sure that should cover everyone, right?)

Although I am a yogi and this book is technically right up my alley, I'm also a speed reader who prefers a page turning Stephen King or memoir over denser nonfiction.  I knew as soon as I finished this book that I'd need to read it again because it was a little challenging to get through for me at some points, despite the fact that Rinpoche's narrative voice is wonderful and he's very, very clear.  He's just dealing two very intense subject matters - Buddhism and Biology - and sharing with us how the intertwine, parallel, and intersect each other.

Another reason I knew I wanted to reread it is because it gives you so many practical tips and techn…

Well well well...

I'm nominated for a blog award!  Not exactly sure how that happened or who I have to thank for it, but thanks!  Happy Thursday, everyone.

Sugary Sweet Ahimsa

The mayor of this most fabulous city, New York, has recently proposed a ban on the sale of all soft drinks (sadly not including diet) sold over 16oz (one pint) in public venues such as bodegas, movie theatres, ball parks, restaurants, and anyplace that has to submit to a health grade rating from the city's Health Department.

It's being hotly debated now, with many decrying his desire to be overly controlling, and still others thinking the ban doesn't go far enough.  I've been thinking a lot and reading a lot about it, and trying to reconcile the fact that, in my heart of hearts, I don't think it goes far enough but...there are plenty of issues I feel strongly about that don't necessarily feel like need to be legislated so the world can be forced to agree with me.

This article by Mark Bittman, however, really helped clarify (and frankly, justify) my viewpoint.

When observing the yogic yama ahimsa, you strive for non-harming of all creatures, including yourself. …