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The Marathon

Oh how I've been putting off the next entry in my blog!!  I used to be so disciplined about getting in an entry a week, even if it wasn't much or just a link to someone else's ideas, but so much has happened in three (three!) short weeks that I feel overwhelmed with the sense of obligation to write about all of it.
First of all, I ran a marathon.  A marathon that I haven't really properly reflected upon, because I was in the midst of a whirlwind trip of amazing nonstop fun with my wonderful family, and one that I haven't properly processed because it's been bookended by injury - and more importantly, worry, anxiety, and self-pity around those injuries.
I was so resentful and scared to be going into it with a messed up hamstring (which, by the way, although it still felt painful the morning of the race, magically worked itself out during the first couple miles and went away!) that it eclipsed a lot of the excitement I would have otherwise felt.  I was definitely e…

A Completely Freaked Out and Shameless Plea for Help, Prayers, & Encouragement

This entry was going to be all lovely and contemplative - talking about New Year's and the upcoming marathon and the whole journey and how today is really the first day it's going to be sinking in just how close it is.

However, I just had to cut my last training run - not to mention my first run in a week because of this insane weather - short after 2.5 miles because my right hamstring just tightened up and started killing me.  It had felt a little tight the last couple of days - maybe from spinning on Monday, maybe from teaching 12 classes in the last 3 days, who knows - but I figured I'd just run it out and it would warm up and work itself out.

Instead, it got worse.  A lot worse.  I would stop, walk, stretch...try running a little bit more.  Stop, walk stretch - statically, dynamically, every which way - and the pain worsened if anything.  I couldn't run one mile without stopping.

I bombarded my loving husband with my tears and complete freaked-outness just as he wa…