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Back to basics

Happy almost-June!  As May comes to a close and June with its promise of gloriously long and sunny (and stormy) summer days quickly approaches, it feels like a lot of things in my life are coming to a close and a lot of space is opening up.

From the wedding, I dove headfirst into a very fast and furious half marathon training.  From there, taking care of more newlywed business (this whole name change thing is a chore and a half in New York State!!), and then culminating this weekend, Marc and I tackled a massive spring cleaning of our apartment that was easily 3 years in the making.  It's been on the agenda probably since the winter - knowing that we needed a big spring clean/purge/reorganization - and we always put it off until that generic time, "after the wedding."

We spent all day Sunday and all day Monday under the bed, way back in closets, vacuuming places that hadn't seen the light of day in lord knows how long, dropping off trash bags of clothing and more at …

Two down, infinity to go!

Half Marathon number two = completed!

This experience has been both more and less stressful than training for October's Myrtle Beach half.  Although this time around I've had the experience of doing one before and knowing that my body is capable of doing it, I was doing it alone this time around with no big sister to talk to throughout (though having a dedicated husband cheering me on from the sidelines as much as he could was phenomenal!) and I had a much shorter training schedule which led to more aches, pains, and worst of all, doubts!

The race went better than I could have ever imagined, though, and I bettered my first time by a lot - I'm now a 2.17.39 half marathon-er.  I'm still riding high from the experience and all I want to do is sign up for the next one, but it's probably a good idea to rest my poor knees and calves a having a September honeymoon takes away any possibility of all training, which I think is for the best!

Next up running-wise - …

Take a seat

A quick entry tonight.  Only 34 1/2 more hours until the big race!

This week I've been tapering off my mileage - only 7 for Sunday's long run, 2 for Tuesday's speedwork, and 4 for today's easy run.  I've also been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier in increments of 15 minutes, culminating with tonight's early bedtime of 10:00 and wakeup call at 6 tomorrow.  (Saturday's will likely be in the neighborhood of 5 or 5:30)

Along with this, I've worked on adding more yoga for myself (now that I have all this extra time in the morning!) and on chilling my practice out.  Simpler poses, shorter sequences - more floor-based poses rather than pushing myself too hard.

I took a beautifully simple but fantastic open level class this week, and we held dandasana, staff pose, for several breaths without ever taking it to the usual forward fold.  We just recognized it as a worthy pose in and of itself.  It's overlooked, much like tadasana (mountain pose) so o…

Running in Circles

This past Sunday was another long run day in anticipation of the fast-approaching Brooklyn Half Marathon (click here to donate to the Boston One Fund, the cause for which I'm running this sure to be awesome race!).  It was only 8 miles as opposed to last week's 10, which felt positively luxurious by comparison!
My plan for this long run, as it is for all of them, was to run the Central Park loop, which is about 6.2 miles, from the east side to the west side.  I love running a loop because it completely takes away any need for me to calculate the distance (that's also what my Nike Plus is for) or to wonder how I need to change my route to make my goal distance.  I just get on Park Drive and go - that part of my brain can check out.  Plus as a non-native New Yorker, I still don't know my way around the actual park - the inside of it - to save my life.  I have an irrational fear of getting lost in the park!
I also had a plan to run completely sans headphones.  I don't…

Tough Week, Tough Love

Happy May!  Gorgeous, glorious May.  I always associate this month with the color green (for very obvious reasons) and it was so wonderful to go out this morning, on the first run of the month, and to see so many trees that were bare when I started training for the half at the beginning of March turn completely green.  The blooms of April are gorgeous and I'm always sad to see them go, but May brings the promise of summer.  And this year, of my very first solo half marathon!

This week started out tough.  The weekend was amazing, but filled with so much fun (theatre, drinking, late nights - all with a full teaching and work schedule!) that I woke up on Sunday feeling really under the weather.  I've been calling it allergies all week because that makes it sound much better than a cold, but I really do think I've been fighting a cold.  You can feel the difference, you know?  Stuffy head, sore throat, and just plain physical exhaustion.  Too bad for that cold, Sunday was chock…