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Athleta 2012 Holiday Preview!

Last Thursday the lovely ladies of Athleta kindly invited me to the Aspen Social Club in Midtown to take a sneak peak at what they have coming up in their stores for the fall and winter.  It's always exciting to get invited to these things, especially because all I really do is write a blog on whatever I feel like week to week.

Athleta is a clothing company designed for active women involved in any sport or activity, from yoga to running to surfing to skiing.  They're owned by the Gap and are committed to not only high performance technical fabric but to exploring the latest in eco-friendly fabric.  (My favorite example of the latter:  Java Capri) The clothing is designed and "road-tested" by female athletes and they have an unbeatable return policy - return it any time for any reason.

I really love Athleta's clothes, and especially given my half marathon coming up, I was so excited to see some of their new products and returning (and improved!) items as well.  A…

Moving Meditation

This past Sunday morning, I did something I haven't done in possibly years.  I went for a run with just myself.  No music, no podcasts, and no running buddy.  There was nothing coming in between me and my brain.

Running this way used to be no big deal (certainly not worthy of a blog about it), and the only reason it did seem like such as scary prospect is that I haven't done it in ages so I forgot what it's like.  You'd think that for someone who meditates every morning, being alone with my thoughts would be, again, no big deal.  I had a lot of little fears about it, though.  I was afraid of losing motivation and being overwhelmed by the physical challenge, and potential monotony, of running.  A lot of times when I'm running with music I think I'm about to keel over, and then a song that I just have to run to comes on and keeps me going.

I underestimated myself, though, as we all do too often.  I forgot what a powerful thing it is to just run free.  Being alon…

New Dress + New Shoes = More Yoga

These last almost-two weeks have been a fantastic whirlwind.  From the truly life changing Teen Teacher Training I wrote about last week, to having a BLAST of a 4th of July celebration with my best friend and her great boyfriend, to a wonderful weekend in Florida with my mom and grandma, and a decision I made with my sister at the end of June, life has gotten very, very exciting.

This past weekend, my mom and grandma took me to a fantastic bridal salon in Melbourne, FL where we got - you guessed it - my wedding dress!

 I wound up with the first one that I tried on, which is pretty awesome.  I of course tried on all of the dresses that the our fantastic consultants pulled for me, but that first one just set the bar too high!

I also tried on a couple for fun, like the one at right.  When your favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, how many times in life do you get to put on a big, poofy Scarlett O'Hara dress?

Getting the dress just makes my role as a bride, a "wedding planner&qu…

Karma Kids Yoga's Teen Teacher Training Intensive

This past weekend was absolutely overflowing with awesome.  In addition to the teen training, which I'll gush about in a moment, it was also a time to spend with my beautiful best friend and her boyfriend and a time to cram in as much time as possible with my fiance who is in Lake George for the week.  I'll be headed out of the city myself on Thursday to get a wedding dress in Florida with my mom and my grandma, so I've got another fantastic weekend ahead of me.

The Teen Training is led by Erin Wilson and Shari Vilchez-Blatt.  I already knew these two lovely ladies just through working with them at Karma Kids.  I see Shari practically every day, but I hadn't seen Erin since her move last year to San Francisco where she's continuing to spread the yoga love to teens in partnership with Integral Yoga, who works to get Erin placed in schools that so desperately need her.

The regular Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training that I took back in the fall of 2010 covers toddlers t…