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Restorative Yoga & Massage

I had the absolute joy and privilege this past Sunday to attend an event conceived by yoga teacher Dhyani and yoga teacher/massage therapist Krystal, both of whom I know from The Giving Tree, my local yoga studio.  (Two more days of 30 Day Giving Tree June Yoga Challenge, by the way!)  From 2:00 to 4:00, Krystal and Dhyani lead an intimate class of about 8 or 9 of us through restorative yoga poses as well as massage.  It was, in a word, incredible.  Bliss doesn't even begin to describe it!

They held this special event at a studio in quiet, peaceful Murray Hill called mang'Oh, opened by a Laughing Lotus alum.  Mang'Oh was the perfect place for this event - it felt intimate, serene, and the gentle teal and yellow colors promoted tranquility and beauty.

The ladies introduced themselves and the event, and then we began with deep yogic pranayama (breathing techniques) led by Krystal.  After that centering beginning, poses like restorative spinal twists, restorative child's …

Summer Solstice!

I had the absolutely phenomenal experience of practicing yoga with bazillions (okay, thousands) of fellow yogis in Times Square yesterday.  They offered three classes, and I chose the evening one after a lovely day of work at Karma Kids.  I couldn't have asked for a better companion - my best friend in the world, Lisa!  We were among the very first to file in (numbers 49 and 50, to be exact) because I was absolutely determined that we were going to be able to get that free mat!  What a bummer it would have been to wait all day and then not be able to participate because I didn't feel like hauling my own mat around all day.

Anyway, I digress.  The class was led by Douglass Stewart of ISHTA and YogaWorks, two studios I thoroughly enjoy.  It was lovely, the weather was perfect, the onlookers were fun, and Times Square was its usual insane self.  It's probably the first time I appreciated it instead of letting it drive me insane in a very long time!

 I'm having an insanely…

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Happy Thursday!

I'm writing today to share what my next daily practice seems like this year I've been trying out different meditations/yoga practices for a certain amount of time to see how they've affected me.  I did 40 days of a japa mala practice, nearly a month of writing every day, a (somewhat failed attempt at a...) 21-day Sun Salutations, journaling, and meditation practice...a few more were in there, I'm sure.  I've really enjoyed them, and for the most part have been able to stick to them consistently.  My May Sun Salutations 'challenge' suffered many roadblocks, most notable the fact that I felt ill for nearly the entire month.  Allergies in New York are a brutal thing that my southern body is still getting used to in my second spring here.

Just as May was drawing to a close, however, I got a message from my local yoga studio, The Giving Tree, about a June special they were offering.  For $120 ($30 less than the normal rate), you get an un…

The Big Questions

I spent this past Memorial Day weekend in one of my new favorite places in the world - Massachusetts.  Specifically, at Marc's parents' beautiful home near Boston.  The weekend was so peaceful but also stimulating - the LeVasseurs a philosophical, intellectual family that can debate, theorize, and just plain converse until the sun comes up.  Especially when there's excellent wine involved!

For a variety of reasons, on the train ride home, Marc started asking me some Big Questions.  Questions about how I deal with my undefined faith and if it bothers me that I don't have something solid that I believe in, the way Christians believe with all their soul that Jesus is the son of God, for example.  Does it bother me that I don't have a defined belief for what has happened to my loved ones that have passed away?

Marc has always been one to ask the Big Questions that mankind has never found an answer for.  What is the meaning of life?  His endlessly inquisitive mind has l…