Friday, December 17, 2010

40 + 90 + 14 = 26

This past weekend and week were both very special for different, yet oddly related reasons.

I had the awesome opportunity to take Prenatal Yoga teacher training this past weekend with Juliana Secches, a physical therapist, yoga teacher, Mom to beautiful little Bruno, and an excellent teacher with a wealth of information about the birth process, pregnancy, and the body and soul of prenatal and post-natal women!  It was so eye-opening in so many ways, and I am so eager to continue delving into the process of empowering moms-to-be through yoga.

And then speaking of birth...

It was my birthday on Monday, and Marc's on Wednesday.  I taught my Community Yoga class at Karma Kids, which is usually full of rambunctious boys.  Only one boy showed up that day, however, and when I asked him to guess how old I was turning, these were his answers:


"A little lower."


"A little lower..."


I can't express how much this deeply tickled me.  It was a very classic, "Kids say the darndest things" moment.

It also really got me thinking about the saying that you're only as young as you feel.  And all the other 800 sayings that basically say the same thing in a different way.  As cliche as it is, it's so true.  I don't feel 26, but what does 26 really feel like?  Some days I feel as giddy and silly as a 14-year-old (I was a particularly silly 14-year-old) and some days I feel very adult and responsible - perhaps closer to a 40-year-old.  But then again - I'm still me.  I like to hope that when I'm 40 I'll still have access to the giddiness and silliness that is (almost) as much an accessible part of me now as it was when I was younger.

It's all a balance, I suppose.  Juliana said repeatedly over the course of the training weekend that you need both the Ha and the Tha - Sun / Moon, Light / Dark, Strength / Flexibility, Effort / Ease.  It's the key to a successful yoga and meditation practice as well as a balanced life.  I hope I don't ever let the "grown-up"-ness completely take over my silly supply.  It's my hope for everyone, in fact!

And now I'm off to prepare for one of many wonderful holiday celebrations at my friend's cozy, probably-warmer-than-mine apartment.  Next week, if I'm able to write, I'll be coming to you from Grandma's in Florida!  Happy holidays, everyone :)

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