Thursday, March 10, 2011

Meditation & Sleep - A Lazy Entry

Good almost-afternoon!  You know that feeling when your alarm goes off and you can't stop yourself from moaning, "No..." in protest because you're tired all the way down to your bones?  I've felt that every single morning this week!  Aside from being annoying, it's making me nervous for the upcoming Daylight Savings Time Change - which I'm really looking forward to, aside from the challenge of adjusting to it.  It'll be so nice to get another hour of sunshine in the evenings!

Anyway, this morning I gave myself the rare indulgence of sleeping in...and I kind of wish I was still in bed!  So today's lazy bones blog is me sharing some very interesting articles from Huffington Post this morning.

This article includes some tips on how not to be miserable during the time change:  How to recoup that stolen hour  

This one goes back to the touchy-feely basics of the benefits of meditation, giving modern science a rest:  The best non-scientific benefits of meditation

Happy Thursday, everyone...and stay dry, NYC friends!

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