Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inspiration Quickie

Hello blogverse!  Not sure if it's the onset of the dog days, my schedule being crazy busy and up in the air as it transitions from "spring semester" to summer camps, or my impending teacher training and then trip to Florida to find my wedding dress, but I am 1,000% without a clue as to what to blog about this week.  I've searched, I've tried, I've racked my brain and I'm coming up empty.

The best thing to do when that happens, I've found, is to seek out other people who ARE feeling a little inspired and hear what they have to say.  I now give you, from MindBodyGreen, a fabulous list of 8 Yogic Quotes and the compiler's thoughts on them.  Enjoy, and I'm sure next week I'll be bursting with inspiration and tales from the Karma Kids Yoga Teen Teacher Training this weekend (for which you can still sign up last minute!)  I'm so excited to get started with it tonight!

Stay cool, y'all...

8 Amazing Yogic Quotations and Reflections

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