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Pure Athleta

I got up bright and early this morning to start my day off with another new class and new fashion preview courtesy of Athleta!  To tell the truth, this is one of those weeks where if anything, I need way more sleep than I need another hour of a workout - between teaching more classes than usual this week, training for the half marathon, and hardly ever seeing my husband due to his rehearsal and work schedule, I feel dangerously close to burnout.

Luckily for me, the class that was offered was low on impact (though still high on challenge!).  Pure Barre, founded in Birmingham, MI, is a Pilates-esque exercise class focusing on spot-training arms, abs, thighs, and glutes.  It doesn't include cardio, though your heart rate naturally escalates during more challenging sequences.  After each concentrated spot-training session, they stretch the muscles they've just worked, citing as their reason that their goal is to create long, lean muscles without bulk.

From my perspective, it seems like a great toning workout for someone who is already physically fit, although it would probably need to be coupled with some cardio for effective weight loss/fat burning.  The instructor was fast but thorough and attentive, and the class moves quickly, which is nice when you're stuck doing a tough move for a minute - you know it'll switch up soon.

I have to admit, though, I'm still a complete devotee of Refine Method when it comes to a complete full-body workout aimed at both weight loss and building muscle.  The bursts of cardiovascular challenge coupled with challenging weight and the fact that each and every class is different and things change on a dime to confuse the body - it's a hell of a workout.  I was introduced to Refine by Athleta back in October and I can't recommend it enough!

What I liked the most about Pure Barre was probably how it reminded me of some Pilates classes I used to take and absolutely adore.  Literally within 5 minutes of the start of class, my abs were shaking!  As a former ballerina, it's also really fun to be back at a barre, even if we're doing completely different exercises than in ballet!

After class, we had some amazing refreshments provided by one of my all time favorite NYC restaurants, Gustorganics, including their fresh pressed juices.  Delicious and heavenly after an early morning workout.  From there it was all about checking out the clothes.  Athleta has some great stuff lined up for fall, and I found myself eyeing their cozy sweaters, cool rain jackets (I don't think I've ever owned one!), and fabulous running gear.

For the class, they generously provided us with outfits - the Tie Dye Tank (mine was in Fiji Green) and the Revelation Pant (in black).  Although they offer petite sizes online and occasionally in store, mine was sadly not petite - but luckily, they offer free hemming in store!

It was an absolute treat to spend the morning celebrating one of my favorite companies and switching up my routine on my tired legs.  It set me up for a great day with the kids and parents at iVillage, where we all played yoga a

t their annual Take Your Child to Work Day.  The kids all left with a Karma Kids Yoga temporary tattoo and great big smiles!

The last little note I wanted to include - I've had some trouble culling things together for a specific charity for my half marathon, and it's likely I'll just continue to promote the One Fund, which is the official charity for the victims of the half marathon.  If you check out, you'll also come upon dozens of fundraising pages for specific victims where you can learn more about their stories - it's heartbreaking and inspiring all at once.

Hope everyone has a great weekend - mine will be full of training, theatre (my husband and friends are in Titan's Romeo & Juliet opening tomorrow, my best friend is going on for Kate Monster in Avenue Q on Saturday night!), and of course - LOTS of yoga!


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