Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two down, infinity to go!

Half Marathon number two = completed!

This experience has been both more and less stressful than training for October's Myrtle Beach half.  Although this time around I've had the experience of doing one before and knowing that my body is capable of doing it, I was doing it alone this time around with no big sister to talk to throughout (though having a dedicated husband cheering me on from the sidelines as much as he could was phenomenal!) and I had a much shorter training schedule which led to more aches, pains, and worst of all, doubts!

The race went better than I could have ever imagined, though, and I bettered my first time by a lot - I'm now a 2.17.39 half marathon-er.  I'm still riding high from the experience and all I want to do is sign up for the next one, but it's probably a good idea to rest my poor knees and calves a having a September honeymoon takes away any possibility of all training, which I think is for the best!

Next up running-wise - lots of short distance races in the park!  I'm officially a member of the wonderful New York Road Runner's and plan on fully taking advantage of the discounted rates on race registration fees.  And then in the spring, I definitely want to do Brooklyn again...I think there'll be a New York (aka Manhattan) half in March as well, but I don't know if it would be insane to run a half in March and then another one in May.  We shall see!  After this race, I even had the thought for the very first time that maybe I would actually want to run a full marathon, and maybe I actually could...we'll see, though.  I just have the running bug something fierce!

This summer, however, is looking like it's going to take a shift back more toward yoga, which I think is a wonderful thing and much needed in every aspect of my life.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and for my continual improvement as a teacher.  I'm planning on finally trying out Laughing Lotus, a popular NYC/San Francisco based yoga studio that a lot of my Karma Kids peeps love, and then I'm taking advantage of another special deal from Bikram Yoga NYC (remember my month of Bikram in 2011??) for the month.  Bikram is always an interesting experience - I'm of many minds about it, but I can't deny that I always feel good after a class!

I'm so excited about the summer.  Different classes, more yoga for me, and most exciting of all - my husband will be playing Macbeth at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City, Queens this July!  Being his real life Lady M (with less murder, more running lines) is something I couldn't possibly be more excited about, and I'm excited to make that a big focus for the summer.  Add in my mom and Jim coming in to see the show and the big flourish at the end of the summer - our honeymoon! - and I'm the little hole in my heart where half marathon training used to be will fill right up!

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