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My Yoga BFF Blogs!

Today is one of those days where I just can't think of a single damn yoga related thing to write about.  It happens.  Whenever I sit down to write my blog - unless I have something very specific I'm just itching to write about - I always turn to other blogs for inspiration.  So today, instead of writing my usual term paper, I'm sending you off to enjoy another blog!

I mentioned last March about how I have one very, very special yoga friend - my very first yoga friend, in fact.  The beautiful Cassi Stuckman and I met in Sarasota, Florida four years ago this month - holy moly!

When I think of our time in Florida, I think of getting each other up at the crack of (or before) dawn for our early Friday morning yoga dates, early morning runs on the beach, over the bridge, or at the track, lots of laughing, lots of crying, lots of pasta, and lots of wine.  (Alcohol of any kind, actually. Just lots of it)  We've been through our own journeys since we were interns together in Sarasota - she's gone from Manhattan, Kansas to Chicago, Illinois and I've gone from Williamsburg, Virginia to Manhattan, New York!

She also, as you may have guessed, started a blog of her very own last May, and I absolutely love it.  Part of the reason I love it so much is that it's so different from mine!  She updates way more often than I do, and her often entries are super brief - a beautiful picture of her or her student or her awesome dog and a nugget of wisdom.  Sometimes she writes a little bit more if she's feeling it, which is always a treat.

So, enough from me - go!  Enjoy the beauty, wit, and wisdom of my yoga BFF, Cassi Stuckman.  And if you're in Chicago, get yourself to one of her classes STAT!  She's the best!


  1. OK, I know I am challenged sometimes, but where is the link to her blog?

  2. Thank you, Kathy! That was all me...typical yoga brain. Sorry about that :) It's fixed now

  3. It is way too hard to comment on these things. I feel like I'm breaking into a bank...I love you. thanks for the kind words and the shout out. I miss you tons and love all of our adventures together. OXOXO


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