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30 Day Yoga Challenge

Happy Thursday!

I'm writing today to share what my next daily practice seems like this year I've been trying out different meditations/yoga practices for a certain amount of time to see how they've affected me.  I did 40 days of a japa mala practice, nearly a month of writing every day, a (somewhat failed attempt at a...) 21-day Sun Salutations, journaling, and meditation practice...a few more were in there, I'm sure.  I've really enjoyed them, and for the most part have been able to stick to them consistently.  My May Sun Salutations 'challenge' suffered many roadblocks, most notable the fact that I felt ill for nearly the entire month.  Allergies in New York are a brutal thing that my southern body is still getting used to in my second spring here.

Just as May was drawing to a close, however, I got a message from my local yoga studio, The Giving Tree, about a June special they were offering.  For $120 ($30 less than the normal rate), you get an unlimited month of yoga at this fabulous Astoria studio.  They're challenging you to take full advantage of the reduced rate and this glorious time of year to dive into deeper waters in your yoga practice.

On Day 16, I'm feeling fantastic.  I've had my fair share of sore hamstrings and lower back (and randomly, my right bicep) from some of the classes, but the next class or two always seems to have it feeling better.

It's not turning me into an Amazing Super Yogi - there are some days (today, for instance) where I walk into class feeling low energy, exhausted, and full of doubt that I'll be able to make it through without all my muscles turning to jelly.  But that's the beautiful thing about yoga - no matter what, I leave the class feeling wonderful.

The Giving Tree is a gorgeous studio, located right by the Ditmars N/Q station.  Every single teacher is fantastic and I not only feel great after every class, but I feel like I've truly learned something about my own personal practice as well as an increased knowledge of alignment.

Sadly, there are two days this month where it will be physically impossible for me to show up to a class.  This Saturday I'm leaving Astoria for Karma Kids at 6:30am and won't be back until probably 7:30pm.  The following Friday, a similar deal - 7:15am - 9:30pm.  It'd be nice to be able to do a solid 30 days, but it's not something worth dwelling on - especially considering I'll be off doing what I love.

Although in my own brain I always associate June 1st as the first day of summer, the actual first day of summer and the summer solstice is this coming Tuesday, June 21st.  Although The Giving Tree is having an awesome 108 Sun Salutations event at the studio, I'm already committed to practicing yoga in Times Square.  I highly recommend either event - both are sure to be blissful, sweaty, and amazing!


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