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Book Report: enLIGHTened

As the summer starts drawing to a close and the reopening of Karma Kids starts peeking around the corner, I've been craving a slight change in reading material.  It's been a fabulous summer for reading - I've read many of my old Stephen King favorites, a few new King gems, Brett Easton Ellis's American Psycho (which...good LORD), John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath....lots of great fiction.

However, fall means the beginning of a busy semester of work and getting back into the full swing of things as a yoga teacher as well as a student.  My summer of 30 Day Challenges and Bikram were great, but I wasn't spending my summer reading the Yoga Sutras or the Bhagavad Gita or anything.  I felt I needed something more yoga-esque to help get my head in the game.  I also wanted something a little lighter than King, Steinbeck, and Ellis for the train ride to Boston last week!

Appropriately enough, the first book on my random list of yoga-esque books was enLIGHTened:  How …

Breathing: The Best Tool in Your Toolbox

Good gloomy Saturday morning!  I'm sitting here in peaceful, tranquil (for the moment) Boxford, Massachusetts.  Marc and I are visiting his family and our visit has just been extended by two days to make way for angry Irene!  I hope our home and our city is safe, but it surely is nice to be surrounded by green, peace, and quiet for a few extra days.

Simple post today - I just wanted to write about something a new (to me) yoga instructor said last week.  I went down to Bikram Park Slope with my wonderful cousin, who is doing a 30-Day Bikram Challenge.  This woman, Robin, was so inspirational, fun, and funny.  She even left us little vegan blueberry muffins on our mats after class!  One of the best Bikram classes I have ever attended, hands down.

She does a lot of talking in the 90 minutes, as do most Bikram teachers.  The dialogue (or monologue, technically) is partly there to keep you engaged in the present so your mind doesn't get a chance to ask you what on earth you're …

Last Days of Summer

August is winding down, and with it - summer.  We've still got a good 12 days left, and I intend to make good use of them.  Still...the unseasonable cool and wet weather we've had these past couple of weeks in New York are hammering home the reality that soon it'll be autumn.  The Back to School commercials are already dominating the airwaves, so it must be real!

We're encroaching on a time of year that always feels a lot like New Year's to me.  I don't think I've ever been able to release myself from the New School Year conditioning, and somehow the way my life and jobs and moving to and from new cities always seems to center around Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer.  I never seem to have a big transition smack in the middle of March or November, it's always May and August/September.  I wonder how much of that is conscious and how much unconscious!

This is yet another way in which Karma Kids is a perfect job for me.  We slowed down in the summ…

Athleta takes New York!

The California based clothing company Athleta has been quite generous to me and this tiny old blog.  They invited me last year to an event called Wake Up, Athleta along with other NYC yoga/running/active lifestyle bloggers.  Aside from a free outfit, free yoga class, and free delicious breakfast, I left having gotten to know a little bit more about this very cool clothing company.

Luckily for me, they were kind enough to include me to the press opening celebrating their first two New York retail stores.  (Me?  Press?  I know.)  They have one Upper West Side store (where the event was held) on 216 Columbus Ave, a stone's throw away from the 1-2-3 trains, and next week they'll open their Upper East Side location at 1517 3rd Avenue near the 4-5-6.

The store itself is really beautifully laid out with all of their different sections flowing together - running, yoga, and what they call their "To-Fro" selection of street clothes (even non-sports bras and underwear!)  Al…

Bikram Diaries, Part 3: Consistency vs. Variety

Good Friday morning!  Today I just wanted to touch a little bit on something that I tend to think a lot about when it comes to my own personal yoga practice - consistency vs. variety.  Is it more beneficial to do the same sequence every single day and measure out your improvements or simple changes day-to-day in that way, or is it better to change it up for your mind and body?

As a primarily Vinyasa practitioner, I'm a big fan of the variety.  I like coming to class not knowing what awaits me, and I love when it happens to be either exactly what I want or exactly what I need.  (Often the two are not necessarily the same thing)  Variety is also how you learn new things - crazy new arm balances, new mudras for meditation, or even just a new variation on a standard pose.  I've been taught trikonasana so many different ways by different teachers.  It all winds up looking like essentially the same pose, but there are different ideas about the position of the hips, whether the hand …