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Fab Abs and Full Body Massage! (aka Shameless Promotion Time)

Happy Thursday, Internets!  I had hoped to present an entry all about a fantastic workshop I went to this past weekend given by one of my favorite teachers, Joe Somodi.  However, time that otherwise would have spent preparing and writing went to dealing with the sudden demise of my computer for the last 5+ years, Max.  (Maximillian Maxwell MacIntosh, to be exact.  I was very excited when I got him...)  Luckily I had a vast majority of my hard drive backed up, but unfortunately everything from last November has been lost, including at least 80 pages of my personal journal and the budget spreadsheet I spent all of New Year's Day painstakingly creating.

So, that was an unexpected hurdle, and as a result, you'll be granted with an even BETTER blog entry on Joe's workshop next week, now that I'll have more time to write it.

For today, I decided to use my blog for something I haven't used it for in quite awhile - promotion!  I hesitate to say "self" promotion, though, because two wonderful yoga studios I work with are involved too.

First up - an opportunity for my friends in NYC who would otherwise not need to come to my beloved Karma Kids Yoga to take a class from me and some other fabulous teachers!

Karma Kids Yoga started offering "Abs"-olutely Yoga in December, and the classes have been going great so far.  We even got a mention on Yoga Sleuth to help us build up buzz.  We offer the classes 5 days a week, and they are open to all grown-ups!  This includes you, my young, single friends from college who always ask when you can take one of my classes.  These classes are focused on building core strength for fabulous abs, easing lower back pain, improving posture, reducing stress, and more.  I teach most Saturdays at 11:30-12:30pm, and your first class is free!  You can find all the Abs classes at KKY's new Peace In Studio at 102 W 14th St between 6th and 7th Avenue.  Check out the schedule and more info here!

Next - an opportunity to experience Thai Yoga Massage at Integral Yoga's brand new Wellness Spa!

Integral Yoga Institute, which is right around the corner at 13th between 7th/8th, has been offering yoga classes and much more to NYC for decades.  They've recently opened their Wellness Spa which offers Reflexology, Reiki, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, and Thai Yoga Massage.  I'm there every Thursday evening for appointments starting at 6pm.  I'm not the only Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, however - my amazing friend Buffie offers her services in the late afternoon on Thursday, and I know there are more appointments available for Wednesdays.  Check out the spa's webpage or call Integral for more info.  Even if you're reading this thinking, "Well, I can get a massage for you at my place for free because we're friends!" - think about anyone you know who could use a yummy full body massage or foot reflexology treatment and send them Integral's way!

I could write for ages more promoting the wonderful studios I work with and classes they offer, but these are two really exciting, brand new programs that still need lots of support to get as busy as they ought to be.  Spread the word, and have a beautiful weekend, friends!


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