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Steadiness in the midst of change

One of the hardest things for a lot of people to fully accept and comprehend is that life is change.  Everything changes all the time.  Whether it be struggling to accept the change brought by a loved one's death, by the ending of a job, a relationship, or even something as simple as a favorite brand of food being discontinued, it's hard to roll with change.  Even positive change can be a source of stress, worry, and fear.

The concept of resiliency, therefore, is something that really appeals to me.  Even more appealing?  My wonderful, wonderful teacher and friend, Joe Somodi, creating and leading a workshop based upon building more resiliency in your everyday life.

A couple Sundays ago I journeyed with Marc and a dear friend Jamie (also a former student of Joe's) to Pure West to participate in his workshop.  It was about two hours, and the time absolutely flew.  It began with a discussion of the Yoga Sutras and how they relate to the concept of resiliency, and then Joe l…

Fab Abs and Full Body Massage! (aka Shameless Promotion Time)

Happy Thursday, Internets!  I had hoped to present an entry all about a fantastic workshop I went to this past weekend given by one of my favorite teachers, Joe Somodi.  However, time that otherwise would have spent preparing and writing went to dealing with the sudden demise of my computer for the last 5+ years, Max.  (Maximillian Maxwell MacIntosh, to be exact.  I was very excited when I got him...)  Luckily I had a vast majority of my hard drive backed up, but unfortunately everything from last November has been lost, including at least 80 pages of my personal journal and the budget spreadsheet I spent all of New Year's Day painstakingly creating.

So, that was an unexpected hurdle, and as a result, you'll be granted with an even BETTER blog entry on Joe's workshop next week, now that I'll have more time to write it.

For today, I decided to use my blog for something I haven't used it for in quite awhile - promotion!  I hesitate to say "self" promotion, …

Nothing but the truth

Do you ever get stressed out by someone's negative opinion of you?  We all have at some point, usually someone close to us or someone we see every day - a family member, friend, co-worker, etc.  Do you ever get stressed out at your perception that someone may have a negative opinion of you?

As people in a society that values individuality and independent strength, we're often told that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of us.  That's all fine and dandy, but the reality is that very often our chatty, insecure little egos will hang on to a misunderstanding, a cold look, a disapproving comment, whatever it might be - and spin it into a catastrophic internal emotional event that can ruin your day, your week - or even a relationship.  Perhaps insecurities you feel about yourself are hanging on to that outside stimulus and use it as an excuse to spin stories that only serve to feed those insecurities further.

I was struggling through a situation like that, and Marc, …

The Conclusion of No Dairy January

Happy February!  The first day of the shortest, sometimes coldest month of the year was an absolute stunner. I actually went for a walk in my flip flops if you can believe it (and if you know me well, you probably can).

Almost more importantly, I ate cheese.  And oh, it was so good.

After 31 days of abstaining from one of my favorite food groups, it felt overwhelming to finally go back over to the cheese section and know I could grab whatever my little heart desired.  And I did - I now have French brie, organic pepperjack, organic goat cheese, and cheap but tasty Trader Joe's parmesan chilling in the fridge.  I couldn't refrain from snatching all of them, but I can at least refrain from eating them all at the same time.  Small victories.

So how do I feel after this unique little experiment?

I hate to be anticlimactic, but I don't feel too dramatically different.  I do feel lighter, that much I can say.  I didn't really need to lose much weight, but everyone has their t…