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Final Countdown

Today is March 11th, and it also happens to mark 11 more days until Marc and I get married.  As the day draws closer and the numbers get smaller, I get more and more excited, and, happily, the "to-do's" on the to do list seem to get a little bit smaller, a little more manageable.

It's not just the wedding day itself drawing near that's making me so happy and excited - many other little milestones are yet closer - 13 more days until our New Hampshire mini-moon, 9 more days til I see my family, 7 more days until we head to Boston, 5 more working days for me.  As you can tell, I'm totally the kind of person who likes to keep a countdown going of anything I'm looking forward to, from the wedding to the date of a big race to the date of going home for a holiday.  I'll even put a countdown on the release of a movie I'm dying to see.  Most people have a tendency to either dwell more in the past or in the future - you can guess which one I am.

Because the…

Good night, moon...

This week's blog entry comes at an unusual time for me.  I'm not the kind of person who ever used to stay up late and pull all nighters.  If I had extra work to do in college, I made sure I woke up early to do it or did it in advance.  Once the sun goes down, part of my brain (or discipline, or both) just shuts down and doesn't come back until the morning, when I'm naturally at my most energized.

So needless to say, this isn't going to be a terribly intellectual or insightful entry!  Tonight I'm sharing with you possibly my all-time favorite online yoga video.  I discovered it four years ago in Sarasota and hadn't practiced with it in a very long time.  In keeping with my resolution to seek refuge from wedding madness in more yoga and to reconnect with my practice, I reconnected with good old Jason Crandell of YogaJournal.

This is a 25 minute practice that's entirely dedicated to helping you wind down before bed.  Seriously, what could be more comfortin…