Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feeling Good

How appropriate that Pandora chose to give me some good ol' Nina Simone just as I sit down to finally write.  Feeling Good is a fabulous New Year's Day song!

Having just got back into town late Sunday night and having spent most of yesterday recovering in a blob on the couch, I'm just now starting to feel like myself again today.  Spending a week in Florida with the family was lovely but so intensely stressful and even more intensely alcohol-soaked.  I'm ready for every wonderful New Year's and detox cliche the universe can possibly throw my way, and I'm so happy to be back in my home city of beautiful, beautiful New York.

13 has always been my lucky number, and there are so many reasons why this year already feels lucky and tremendous for me.  I haven't been struck by a ton of resolution ideas, which is funny for me because I usually have to keep myself from making hundreds of them.  There are one or two little ones floating around, but the top two are most definitely:

Increase Presence

Decrease the Fear that leads to...judgement, negativity, complaining, gossipping, impatience - take your pick of any of that unlovely cocktail.

Feeling Good invokes a lot of imagery of springtime, and even though we're still a ways away from it (and still oh so bleak and freezing outside), this entire year already feels like one long, glorious springtime.  It's a good intention to set for it, anyway.  I hope everyone finds this year to be a year of more love and less fear!

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  1. "Decrease the Fear that leads to...judgement, negativity, complaining, gossipping, impatience"....stealing this.


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