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To Do: Relax

I'm having one of those days where on the calendar, at first glance, it seems as though I have plenty of glorious empty space of free time.  Once I write down the to-do list and the day actually arrives, however, it seems like somebody sped up the clock to go triple-time.

I do have a few juicy blog posts in me that I could write about - I have a lot to say lately about fear, about self-study and facing the parts of ourselves that we're a) not so proud of and b) apt to ignore, and lots to say about the idea of resistance - resisting things that we not only know to be good for us (eating an orange instead of chocolate) but things that we know to be good for us and that we actually enjoy (doing some gentle before bed yoga instead of sacking out in front of the TV instead).  What is it that's resisting?  These are big ol' questions that take a lot more time to mull, pontificate, and articulate then I have to give to it today.  So instead of attempting to squeeze it in and do a half assed job, I'm going to let it rest and wait for another day.

For today, I'm once again going to pass the blogging torch to someone else.  This wedding planning stuff is no joke - the blog sometimes, sadly, must take a back seat.

This blog from took the words right out of my mouth.  Except for the "make baby food" part, I completely relate.

One Deep Breath by Erica Rodefer Winters.


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I cannot believe I haven't blogged about Brain Gym yet!  That is absolutely bananas, and also sort of great because after a few years of incorporating the little bits and pieces I learned from Shari (founder & director of Karma Kids Yoga and the only boss I've ever had with whom I've also done crazy things like the pose on the right, which she named "fart neck"), I finally took the "Brain Gym 101" course this past weekend to learn more in depth about the what's and wherefore's.

Brain Gym is a lot of things, but what it is primarily is a way to facilitate better learning through movement.  Although it started in the field of education and helping children learn better, everyone can benefit from it.  You may be reading and writing just fine, but do you have a situation where you struggle to communicate your needs clearly to a partner, a friend, a co-worker?  Do you struggle with random bouts of unexplained anxiety that you struggle to release…

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Marathon Sunday is always one of my favorite days of the year in New York City.  I've spent these Sunday's over the last eight years that I've been here as a spectator and cheerleader, both in person and on the couch in my boot nursing my injury last year, I've been a volunteer, I went down with other marathoners and marathon volunteers to Staten Island after Sandy in 2012 after the race was canceled - and I've spent the last two years fighting to qualify for it.

Next year will be my year, along with my 'sole sister' (I'm making it happen) and work wife Laura, so this year was another year spent being absolutely inspired beyond measure cheering on the sidelines.  Seeing the heart, the raw emotion, the joy, the pain, the absolute love from the sidelines and from the runners is awe inspiring.  Ye…


It's been eight years today since I've been with the love of my life.

A few months from five years married (Costa Rica, here we come).

Eight years and a couple months since living in the city.

Seven years of Friendsgivings in NYC with my chosen family.

Seven years of Karma Kids Yoga - more chosen family and buckets of kids.

Ten years since college; fourteen of the friendships.

One picked-clean, no leftovers turkey last night.  A table of desserts.

And in ten days we do it again with family.

This morning I'm tired, still full, and grateful.